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    Cooking in about 12 easy steps


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    Cooking in about 12 easy steps

    Post by DarthKurgen on Fri Jun 17, 2011 1:32 am

    I recently decided to level cooking on another toon and took the opportunity to try and work out the fastest way of getting to 450.

    The list below seems to work quite well and let me power level several toons in about an hour.


    (Spice Bread): Trainer/Vendor

    Charred Wolf Meat: Stringy Wolf Meat (Trainer)
    Spiced Wolf Meat: Stringy Wolf Meat (Trainer)
    Boiled Clams: Clam Meat (Trainer)
    Crab Cake: Crawler Meat (Trainer)
    Crispy Lizard Tail: Thunder Lizard Tail (Rec:Crossroads)
    Hot Lion Chops: Lion Meat (Rec:Crossroads)
    Spider Sausage: White Spider Meat (Trainer)
    Roast Raptor: Raptor Meat (Rec: Brackenwall Vill.)
    Spiced Chili Crab: Tender Crab Meat (Rec: Stonard)
    Juicy Bear Burger: Bear Flank (Rec: Bloodvenom Post)

    LEVEL to 300 on Juicy Bear Burger before u move to the Dall trainer and the recipes below.
    (If you get stuck and can't quite make it to 300 on the Bear Burgers, go to cenarion hold and do the quest for the Smoked Desert Dumplings Recipe)

    300+ (In Dall)

    Golden Fish Sticks (or Feltail Delight): Golden Darter/Spotted Feltail (Rec: Stonebreaker Hold)
    Spicy Crawdad: Furious Crawdad (Rec: Stonebreaker Hold)

    Once u stop training new recipes

    (Great Feast): Chunk o'Mammoth/Shoveltusk Flank/Worm Meat/Chilled Meat (Trainer - Dall)

    You will stop at bout 432, from here run two cooking dailies (Cheese for Glowergold is probably the easiest). Once you have 3 tokens go buy a recipe, which should get you to 450.

    (Purchased Recipe) (Dall)

    Hopefully, I have remembered the order correctly, but yell out if you find an error.

    And happy cooking study

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    Jr. Officer
    Jr. Officer

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    Re: Cooking in about 12 easy steps

    Post by Mr.Teddy on Fri Jun 17, 2011 2:49 am

    DarthKurgen wrote:

    Juicy Bear Burger: Bear Flank
    And happy cooking study


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    Re: Cooking in about 12 easy steps

    Post by drzb345t2 on Fri Jun 17, 2011 8:06 am

    Hahaha it's ok Mr. Teddy, we won't cook you *hides bear traps*

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    Re: Cooking in about 12 easy steps

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