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Could all guild members please read and respond to: This topic.

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It's that time of the year again! The IPiM guild awards, head over here to place your vote!

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If you are a newly registered guild member, either PM me, or drop a post somewhere and I will set your guild member rank,
you will then be able to see member specific forums. Please include your ingame name.

    Ventrillo Information


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    Ventrillo Information

    Post by T3hD4rk on Tue Feb 08, 2011 2:12 pm

    Ventrillo Information

    The guild has a Vent channel. We use the existing Magic-WoW server. The connection details are as follows:

    Hostname / IP - texas5.ventriloservers.biz
    Port - 3828

    We have a password! Ask an officer for the channel password.

    • Connecting

    Your connection screen should look something like:

    Our channel is called: "I Pee in Moonwells (Horde)"

    We have three main channels.

    1. Root - This is where all the main chat is held!
    2. AFK - Hop in here if you feel you are going to go away for a moment.
    3. Super Happy Officer Channel - This is where the officers scheme! Officer meetings are held in here.

    That's pretty much it! We intend to use this channel for future raids and meetings, so make sure you know how to get in!

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