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    Name: Dejvmustejn
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    Post by stevan_sb on Mon Jul 23, 2012 5:09 am

    Name age and timezone:
    Stevan 18,gmt+1
    Charather name and class:
    Dejvmustejn, paladin.
    Played:53 days.
    Yes i had other guilds,the last one i left its because i enjoy massive PvPing and i heared that IPIM is good at it.
    I am joining your guild becasue of Premades and farming aly the most..

    I am dps 6130 gs as pve (and 6279 pvp) i do nearly 10-12 k dps at icc 25 man and on 10 man avrage 8-12k sometimes nine(With 6130 gs)i do use rotation as paladin
    (for pve:
    Judgement of Wisdom >> Divine Storm >> Excorcism >> Crusader strike >> Consecration >> Hammer of Wrath >> Divine Plea >> Holy Wrath)
    (for PVP when killing caster i use:
    Crusader >> Judgement >> Divine Storm >> Exorcism)
    (for PVP when killing pleater i use:
    Judgement of Justice >> Divine Storm >> Crusader >> Exorcism)

    About aspect of the game i like hunting achivements massive PvP and battlegrounds..
    Guild Tabard- awesome(But i'd use red sword and background black Razz )

    I have hobbys (FISHING in love !!!),when i am afk in the game that means that i am talking to some girls (cellphone/facebook). i am studying еlectrоnic ( for computer)..I am really friendy,social i njoy good guild chating.
    i am good and polite to everyone and i would like to be respected and treated properly ..When i am guilty of something i admit it,i don't take crap at all if i am not guilty of something,i like justice,i hate immature children, i love 9gag,i love go on fishing, enjoying real life with my friends eating/drinking i really enjoy swimming,i live in touristic destination,its actualy a SPA called Sokobanja (P.S i'm from Serbia) .i hate nazis,shovinists..Even if i am SERB i DONT HAVE ANYTHING AGAINST CROATAINS/ALBANIANS etc.And if they hate me,i won't tolarate that hatred,i'll imidiatly report them..Huh...And if some of you comes to my town we could go on a couple of sometimes (P.S i honestly don't believe that someone would read all of this ) Very Happy Razz
    Very "Special"

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    Re: Dejvmustejn

    Post by madkiwi on Mon Jul 23, 2012 5:32 am

    To many things to list as to why this application is just plain shit.

    Good luck somewhere else

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