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Could all guild members please read and respond to: This topic.

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It's that time of the year again! The IPiM guild awards, head over here to place your vote!

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If you are a newly registered guild member, either PM me, or drop a post somewhere and I will set your guild member rank,
you will then be able to see member specific forums. Please include your ingame name.

    amirstress app



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    amirstress app

    Post by amirstress on Sun Sep 23, 2012 7:51 am

    Name, Age and Timezone:
    Amir 19 GMT +3:30

    On a scale of 1 to 10, how fluent is your English?
    maybe 8

    You should know that IPiM is more of a social guild and NOT a hardcore raiding guild so don't expect raids/BGs every day, are you okay with that?
    yes that's OK Very Happy

    Character Name, Class, and Spec:
    amirstress warlock Destruction/affliction

    Please post your time played (/played) for the character you wish to join on:
    6 dayes,5 hours,47 mins

    Have you been a member of other guilds, prior to deciding to join us?
    yes I was in bloodline at first then warcry and now I wanna join IPiM

    If you answered yes to the previous question, why did you decide to leave / create an alt within IPiM?
    I din't leave. I ask warcry's guild master and he tell me that he merged warcry with IPiM so I want to be there

    What are your reasons for deciding to join us?
    being with old friends and coz U'r pro Very Happy

    Briefly write down a small PvP CV. This includes the highest rating you’ve achieved in each bracket, your favourite arena comps, your arena partners, and any notable PvP achievement you have earned.
    I didn't play for a while so now I can't remember any rating or partners and etc
    there is no notable PvP achievement. just all the others got!

    Which aspect of the game do you enjoy most? For example, PvE, PvP, Achievements, Battlegrounds etc.
    I really enjoy PvE and BG

    This is the guild tabard (Click Me)) . Describe it in one word.

    The guild master approaches you, asking for sexual favours. What do you do?
    decline it Very Happy

    It is very likely a guild member will molest you sometime during your stay. Is this ok?
    first I ask why? If he was right then it's ok

    One evening, when exploring dalaran within a dark alley, you find two guild members bullying a gnome for his lunch money. What do you do?
    I will help them!!! I really hate gnomes

    Whats the first thing that comes on your mind at the moment (1 word answer)? moment Very Happy

    If we raid ICC25 with you and you play shaman and have just died, but got your ankh ready and we really need your dps to kill the Lich King. Will you click the ankh If in the exact same second your beer drops on the floor and starts spilling? Meaning, you gotta choose: Save the beer or save the raid, what are you gonna do? (Don’t tell us you don’t play shaman or you don’t like beer)
    EXACTLY save the raid!!!

    If you end up on a desert island which 3 things would you take with you? AND GOD NO , don't say internet / computer and wow.
    a Book, a Bed and my Cellphone.
    Guild Master
    Guild Master

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    Re: amirstress app

    Post by Traicy on Mon Sep 24, 2012 4:57 am

    You failed to answer the social questions, you have a "pro" attitude, and i didnt like the app overall.


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    Re: amirstress app

    Post by amirstress on Mon Sep 24, 2012 6:28 am

    Which one I didn't answer? Sad Crying or Very sad

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    Re: amirstress app

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